News at the Reptile Room
Available animals
1 male butter motley(07), 1 butter snow motley(07), and 1 butter snow(07)
The Manchester, NH show was a smashing success!
Our table at the April 5th show was fantastic. I don't think 2 minutes went by without someone falling in love with one of our beauties. We answered tons of questions and had a great time! Only 3 2007 Corns were left by the end of the day! See you all again in October!
New arrival
We took a little reptile road trip to a new show in Portland Maine. The show was a little small, but of course we were still able to find something to bring home. Our newest addition is an adult male GrayBanded KingSnake named Leonidas. He is named after King Leonidas of Sparta, who was a very brave king. (Check out the movie 300. It is about King Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae. It is pretty good.)
Motley Mania!
This seasons first batch of Butter Corn eggs hatched bringing us plenty of Butter Motley babies. We even have a Butter Snow Motley! It was a great surprise since there were 13 eggs laid and only a 1 in 16 chance of a Butter Snow Motley. The remainder of the clutch are great looking Butter and Butter Snows, many het for motley.

Hopefully the next clutch of 7 eggs will have the same results!
Penny, the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, is a first time momma!
We are so excited about this batch of great looking little baby boas! Unfortunately we lost our big BRB male, Lincoln, to old age early this year so needless to say that this was a great legacy for him to leave behind for us.
RIP Linc. Thanks for the killer babies.
New arrivals April/May 2007
The April reptile expo always brings new arrivals to The Reptile Room and this April was deffinatly no exception.
  • Male Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Lincoln
  • Female Tan Dalmatian Creasted Gecko - Dahli
  • Female Rust Harlequin Creasted Gecko - Aurora
  • Male Golden Yellow Harlequin Creasted Gecko - Hermes
  • Female Hypo Tangerine Honduran Milksnake - Clementine
We went to Hampton Meadows Elementary School to talk to the fourth and fifth grade classes. I don't know who had more fun, us or the kids! It was great! They were full of questions and we couldn't tell them enough in the 45 minutes we were there. I'm not sure we could have told them enough even if we were there for hours! so now a few less people are afraid of snakes and 49 more kids think reptiles rock! A job well done.